About Us

KONE CONSEIL’s creation is the fruit of a commitment to the industrial, economical and social development of Africa. Its founders – members of the Diaspora – decided to use their skills acquired overseas to improve the performance of African enterprises. Our mission is to contribute to the construction of solid and sustainable businesses, from the definition of strategies to implementation. Our vision is to become the leader of management & industrial consulting for African businesses. Our cores values embedded in our services: Excellence, Professionalism, Integrity, Creativity.

Your Business Performance

Companies, organizations, and government entities are all confronted to a similar reality: the increasingly aggressive pressure of the economical, social and global context. This is why it is essential today to carefully develop a strategy to manage and improve performance. It will guarantee companies’ perennity, competitiveness, and profitability. Managing performance means understanding, analyzing, and improving performance contributing factors. Every business decision, process or practice has a direct impact on the costs, delays and quality of services or products. Whether existing or at a conceptual stage, all of our services target the optimization of your business performance.

Our Services

Industrial Performance
  • Manufacturing performance audit
  • Value-added manufacturing strategies conceptual design
  • Layout design
  • Manufacturing cells and assembly lines design
  • Set-up time reduction (SMED)
  • Key performance indicators development
  • Production management systems deployment
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) analysis

Industrial Business Planning

  • Market studies
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Financial analysis
  • Business plans
  • Preliminary and detailed sectorial studies
  • Production site detailed design
  • Production management strategies design
  • Implementation coordination
  • Production start-up support
Business Process Engineering
  • Operational / strategic audits and improvement plans
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Key performance indicators / referential development
  • Standard work
  • Quality at the source
  • Workplace organization (5S)
  • Visual management
  • Industrial Performance Techniques
  • Introduction to Quality
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Toyota Production System
  • Problem Resolution Process
  • 5S
  • SMED
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
  • Production Management
  • Train the Trainers
  • Workshops Animation Techniques
  • Personality Management

Dynamic Simulation

Simulation with Flexsim Software to model, analyze and optimize processes such as manufacturing, material handling, assembly, packaging, and also material, people and vehicles’ flow.

Other services
  • Sectorial studies
  • Strategic analysis
  • Strategic audits
  • KPI development
  • Organizational consulting
  • Coaching & Mentoring

Network of Experts

Koné Conseil relies on a network of seasoned professionals and consultants for the achievement of a large scope of projects :

  • Organizational experts
  • HR management specialists
  • Finance engineers
  • Agricultural engineers
  • Agro-industrial experts
  • Agro-economists
  • Legal experts
  • Marketing and Communication consultants
  • Statistical engineers
  • Quality Management specialists
  • Process-specific experts (depending on the project’s requirements)


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